Local lawmaker pushing for new bill to help with gun control

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We could soon become one step closer to fighting gun violence in Savannah.

House Bill 657 has passed through the Georgia house and could soon make it a felony for anyone in the state to give firearms to a convicted felon.

Leaders in our area have heard the public's pleas to end gun violence, and that fight has ascended to the state level and seems to be making good ground.

Back in December, local officials stood in front of the Chatham County Courthouse to announce the filing of House Bill 657, which makes it a felony for anyone to knowingly give a gun to a convicted felon.

This bill passed with majority bipartisan support, 156 to 3. It could be what Savannah needs to slow down gun violence.

Representative Jesse Petrea spoke about what the next step in this process would be, and says another vote would have to take place.

"It has to now go to the senate, where it will go through committee on the senate side. So, it will go to their public safety committee," Petrea said.

Petrea says he is fairly confident House Bill 657 will pass.

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