Good News: Snow Day at Children's Hospital

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There was a chilly reception at the Willett Children's Hospital Monday morning, and the kids loved it.

Camp Sunrise - an organization that supports kids and families at the Children's Hospital -  turned it into a snow day that allowed young patients to get out and play.

"It's nice to come to the clinic and do something other than have him be poked and get chemo,'' said Alli Corbitt, whose son enjoyed a special event at the Children's Hospital. "So it's a nice change for him.''

"The children, they love it,'' said Stephanie Irwin, Program Manager for Camp Sunshine. "It gives them a sense of normalcy when they're here going through treatment. It gives them a sense that they can just be kids again. ''

So, they piled, played with and threw faux snow, and enjoyed other more sunny activities like crafts and coloring as a form of entertainment and escape.

"They love it, especially last year because some of the children had never seemed snow before,'' Irwin said. "They were rolling around, throwing snowballs. You would never know they were in the hospital.''

Camp Sunshine offers a series of summer camps for cancer patients, their families, and their siblings, but is a steady presence at the Willett Children's Hospital and in the lives of the children being treated there.

"What's really fun is they come twice a month to do 'Camp To You' activities,'' Children's Hospital Child Life Manager Kristen King said of Camp Sunshine. "They bring recreation options for the patients who potentially could go to Camp Sunshine over the summer.

"We try to bring them a little joy while they're going through what they're going through,'' added Irwin. "But our main goal is to try to connect the families and provide that community of support so they can all be there with each other.''

This is the third year that Camp Sunshine sponsored a snow day at the Willett Children's Hospital.

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