Black Panther Challenge comes to Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - This coming weekend, the hit movie 'Black Panther' blew all other movies out of the water, making nearly $200 million.

The film's 31-year-old director purposely wanted a black superhero movie to come out during Black History Month. Most superhero movies are action-packed, but the lead characters are usually white.

Black Panther not only has a black lead hero but for the first time, a mostly black cat as well to go along with the fictional, futuristic African nation of Wakanda. Ryan Coogler directed the movie and says growing up, he noticed besides X-Men's Storm, there weren't black superheroes.

"What I noticed was none of their worlds looked like my world, you know? And when I was growing up in the East Bay area, in Oakland, you know, my family, my friends, I mean everybody was black," Coogler said.

Coogler says he wants everyone to enjoy the movie. There is also a nationwide push to help students see it. Tre Singleton, founder of the Urban Mentoring Academy of Savannah, is excited to partner with the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club to take local kids to see the movie.

"A lot of things in our culture are set for the negative that's been created in our culture. To have any positive depiction period, we have to show our kids that," Singleton said.

Danielle Paul with the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club says it's taking quite a bit of strategy to plan the trip and is excited that the Black Panther Challenge will help them reduce the cost.

"Going to the movies is not cheap, not by any means. So they are getting soda, popcorn, bus rides; we have two large buses coming and arranging for a driver," Paul said.

If you'd like to help, click here for more information.

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