South Carolinians spent more on electricity than any other state in 2016

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - Residential customers in South Carolina spent on average $1,753 for electricity in 2016. That's more than customers anywhere else in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Though South Carolina's electricity prices are not the most costly per kilowatt-hour ($0.13), the EIA says residential customers in the state spend more than their counterparts because of a combination of climate and infrastructure.

"Residential customers in the southeastern part of the country use the most electricity on average," an EIA report reads. "Almost all homes in the southeastern states have air-conditioning equipment and use it more intensely than other areas of the country. Homes in the southeast are also more likely to have electric space heating, water heating and cooking than the national average."

South Carolinians spend about $400 more than the average U.S. residential customer ($1,351).

Residential customers in New Mexico spent on average $911 in 2016, the least amount in the U.S. The most expensive residential electricity prices were in Hawaii. The average residential customer spent $0.28 cents per kilowatt-hour in 2016. The cheapest costs were in Louisiana ($0.09 per kilowatt-hour).

Georgians spent on average $0.12 per kilowatt-hour in 2016

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