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Chatham County law enforcement warns about possible burglary ring

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You may want to think twice when someone comes knocking on your door.

Chatham County Police say they're looking for a team of crooks who are determined to get you out of your house so they can rob you.

Law enforcement wants residents to be aware of a new kind of "knock knock game."

"He would portray himself to be a contractor. He would then ask people to step out of the house and explain to people that he'd be working on a transformer," Lt. Gene Harley said.

Two similar incidents have taken place within the last week.

"We wanted to make the community aware of a potential burglary ring operating in both Chatham and Effingham County," Lt. Harley said.

Lt. Harley says in both cases, a white middle-aged man with a possible Greek accent claims to be a contractor. He knocks on doors and tries to lure the homeowners out of their houses. While they're out of the house, at least one additional suspect enters the home and takes items, like jewelry.

Authorities say until they can catch these thieves, there are ways to keep your property safe.

"If you don't recognize the person, it's simply best to not answer the door," Lt. Harley said.

Lt. Harley says you can also talk through the door rather than opening it.

The incident in Chatham County took place on Randee Drive.

Authorities say the man claiming to be a contractor is driving a white Ford F150.

If the man comes to your door and gives you the same speech, don't answer it and call police.

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