Pollen levels continue to rise

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Have you spotted any bees this early in the year? You shouldn't have, but there are still high levels of pollen out.

Haven't seen any bees? Jack Eades from Southern Allergy and Asthma says it is mostly coming from the trees.

There is such a thing as insect-borne pollen, but around this time of year, it is wind-borne pollen. That means pollen is flying around and transferring from trees such pine, oak, birch, hickory, pecan and sweetgum trees.

Eades also says that it's not the insect pollen that is allergenic, it's the pollen that is wind-borne. This makes eyes itchy, causes sneezing and runny nose.

Also, with Savannah being an area that hot and humid, the levels of pollen and other allergens flying around continue to rise.

"It makes plants and trees grow more and longer so we have a much longer pollen season here in Savannah," Eades said.

Most people may also think the rain washes the pollen away, but it doesn't. It washes it off of most surfaces temporarily.

"At the end of the day, as soon as the sun comes back out, as soon as that breeze starts blowing the temperatures remain pretty mild, there's still gonna be pollen in the air," said Cutter Martin, WTOC Weather Team.

A lot of people may also experience horrible allergy symptoms and find that drugstore medications just do not work.

"If you're trying those over the counter medications and not seeing any results, then you definitely need to see an allergist," Eades said.

WTOC's Crystal Howard got her allergy test done and her results were far more than what she expected.

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