Local law enforcement receives trauma training

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Savannah Police Department now has more than 500 bleed control kits thanks to a donation by Memorial University Medical Center.

That donation was made earlier this month. The kits include tourniquets and bandages and officers are being trained on how to use them.

Life or death can come down to a matter of minutes for some people who experience traumatic events. These kits can really be the difference in terms of saving someone's life. This type of aid could prove to be crucial in instances where a gunshot or stab wound is bleeding out and EMS hasn't arrived yet. The police officer could then jump into action to save a person's life.

Not only has training been available for police but schools have received training and kits as well.

Health officials recognize the need for more trauma assistance in the field and are the ones providing the bleed kits. They consist of packing material to stuff into wounds that are actively bleeding to slow the bleeding down, and then tourniquets that are applied above the wound to cut off the blood supply to that wound so that you can stop the bleeding.

We're told by health officials from Memorial that the kits have also been given to Savannah Fire, Chatham Fire and the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport.

Now there were three training sessions for police scheduled for Thursday at the training and development center. If you'd like to receive training and receive a bleed kit, just register online by clicking here, or, you can call the Trauma Department and Memorial Health at 912-350-8861.

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