Firefighters Use Federal Grant for Equipment

Some new money coming from Washington could help save money and lives here at home. The Department of Homeland Security is giving firefighters in Beaufort more than $170,000. The money will help buy new breathing equipment and face masks.

Firefighters say the new air packs will not only help them fight fires for longer periods of time, but they also have improved safety features that could help save their lives.

There's also another benefit. The new equipment is interchangeable with most of the other departments in Beaufort County.

"If we go to a mutual-aid call with another fire district, our firefighters can walk up with their face piece and take a breathing apparatus from a neighboring department and it's going to work with their face piece, and vice versa," said Asst. Chief James Colwell.

Firefighters say, if they hadn't got this grant, it would have taken more than 12 years to get the equipment.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,