Students Make Ribbons Honoring Revolutionary War Dead

A Chatham County school is making history and celebrating history all at the same time. Southwest is the nation's first "American history middle school."

Hands-on learning is key, according to American history teacher Dr. Diane Saturday. "To me, the best way to learn is you see it, you hear it, you do it," she said.

And these kids were given a job by the Coastal Heritage Society to help kick off the school year: tie 5,000 white ribbons.

"It's to honor the thousands of people who died in Battle for Savannah during the Revolutionary War," said sixth grader Emmanuel Agyemang.

And it's hard work. "I have a whole bunch of holes in my fingers," said classmate Caitlyn Cobb.

From the beginning of September through the beginning of October, everyone from the mayor to teachers and students will wear the ribbons to remember one of the bloodiest hours of the war, the Siege of Savannah, so getting them done in a timely manner is important.

"It can be the most boring thing in the world, but if you present it the right way, the kids will eat it up," said Dr. Saturday.

Literally. The motivation is that whichever class ties the most ribbons gets a pizza party.

So the students started group assembly lines. "One person cuts, they hand the ribbon to two pinners, they pin them and put on card, then hand it to the person who tapes it to the card," explained Emmanuel.

And believe it or not, his class tied 2,500 ribbons in just 30 or 40 minutes. Needless to say, the class won the pizza party and most likely a big appearance during the dedication of White Ribbon Month in Savannah, which is next month to mark the Siege of Savannah.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,