Community Spirit--Ginger Connor

Ginger Connor
Ginger Connor

Cancer treatment is often difficult, and hair loss is often a side effect from chemotherapy. That can be devastating. But thanks to a program called Locks of Love, many are getting a whole new lease of life. We've done stories before on people donating their hair to Locks of Love. The hair is used to make wigs for cancer patients. All of the donors are special. But this one you won't soon forget.

Phallon Connor has cerebral palsy, but she has never let that get in the way of her helping others.

"She always puts everybody first," said Ginger Connor, her mother.

This 16-year-old has been growing her hair for the last three years. Now it's time for a very important haircut. "I just wanted to donate it to the kids who had cancer," Phallon said.

"I just thought it was terrific for her to have so much compassion for other kids," said Ginger. "She is a star to me."

Phallon donated 15 inches of her hair. "They take your hair and weave it into wigs and the kids that have cancer get it," she explained. "It feels good it took a load off."

And that load will go a long way toward helping another person who's going through the worst time of their life.

That's how Phallon Connor is part of the WTOC Community Spirit.

Phallon is very excited about her donation. So excited, she's already planning to do it again.

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