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Police investigating threat at Claxton High School

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A reported threat at Claxton High School illustrates the challenge schools and law officers face in separating real threats from the rest. 

Thursday afternoon, one student overheard others speculating about which classmate might start a shooting. The student reported it to authorities. Police and school leaders questioned everyone involved. They say officers everywhere must investigate each and every perceived threat that is reported, even things said as a joke. 

"People see or hear things and they make a report. We do want them to report anything they hear," said Chief Dale Kirkland, Claxton Police Department. "We're going to look into every lead we can, even just from them saying it. We want kids to understand they can't just walk around saying things like this.'

Chief Kirkland says they don't believe there is any immediate threat from this reported case, but they're continuing to investigate. 

This updated was posted to the Evans County Schools Facebook page:

This morning, Chief Dale Kirkland and Sherriff Randall Tippins assisted Claxton High School with an investigation of an alleged threat.  According to the preliminary investigation, a 15-year-old male student made a threat during his 7th block class on Thursday, February 22, 2018.  A witness overheard the threat and reported to her parent yesterday evening; the parent, in turn, reported it to law enforcement.  Claxton Police and Chief Kirkland arrived at CHS prior to student arrival and communicated the concerns with CHS Administration.  The student was isolated while the incident was investigated.  At this time, no criminal charges are pending. 

We want to reassure our parents and community that a strong partnership with our local law enforcement has provided swift interaction and response when any issue arises.  With the national focus on student safety, we are taking every measure to ensure the well-being of our students, employees, and community.  We encourage everyone to follow the protocol…if you see something, say something.  Along with law enforcement, we will do something.

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