Good News: Wheelchair ramp donation

TATTNALL CO., GA (WTOC) - We hear the expression 'pay it forward' all the time, but a family and a group of veterans in Tattnall County put those words into action in memory of a late soldier.

These veterans took their mission to heart, dismantling a wheelchair ramp put down by the Veterans Administration for SGM Gussie Williams a few years before he died. It's been unused until Charles Rushton got an idea.

"I called the Williams family and asked them what it would take for us to get the ramp," Rushton said.

Members of the local VFW keep an eye out for unused ramps that could go to someone else.

"I told them we would put up a porch on any size she wanted," Rushton said.

"I told him that would be something my uncle would love for us to do, especially if it's going to another veteran," said niece, Latrell Smith-Blalock.

"I called Ronnie McCall, and in three minutes he said, 'We can do it next Friday," Rushton said.

Friday rolled around and they showed up in force. They figure they'll find a new home for the recycled ramp before you know it with somebody in need, especially a veteran, and much faster than someone can get one through the VA.

The veterans say they enjoy a project where they can help others, and the family says their Uncle Gus would be proud.

"How big a smile would he have," we asked?

"As big as a cloud...with a gold tooth. He'd be saying, 'Latrell Smith, you did it!"

Rushton and the veterans say they'll keep looking for ways they can help others, especially those who wore the uniform.

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