City of Savannah still dealing with malware attack

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A malware attack struck the city of Savannah's IT Department over 10 days ago, and they're still dealing with the impact, even canceling traffic court for next week.

As far as pointing fingers, an IT expert tells us - it's not their IT Department's fault.

"Now, it's causing enormous amounts of problems for not only the city but for the people of Savannah. This is not that the IT Department didn't do what it needed to do. This is strictly because the criminals got lucky," said Keith Fletcher, Speros, COO.

Friday, the city said they still believe the malware attack happened through an e-mail phishing scheme. Now, federal cybercrime investigators are involved. According to the city, the IT Department has been working around the clock to fix this problem.

"After an attack like this, you have a number of things you have to do. One, you have to make sure you secure your backups to make sure that you have your data from before the attack happened," Fletcher said.

Another process by the IT Department, they are restricting the use of certain systems in order to protect the spread of the malware.

"If we had an actual disease quarantine people off, they are separating the healthy things from the not healthy things, so you don't have the potential of losing information. You are better off not having access to it for a little while than losing it."

The city says this is why traffic court has been rescheduled. Despite their work over the last week-and-a-half, they still have no word on when services will go back to normal.

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