Former classmates react to Effingham teen's arrest

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Eighteen-year-old Noah Tyson remains in jail Friday night after being arrested in Effingham County for terroristic threats and acts.

Authorities say Tyson was a former student at South Effingham High School before graduating last month.

WTOC spoke to two teens who say they used to be Noah Tyson's classmates. They say Tyson attended Richmond Hill High School for several years before enrolling at South Effingham.

The former classmates asked to remain anonymous, but they did say they were shocked to learn about the arrest of their former classmate. They say Tyson seemed to be a nice guy. They don't remember him ever being mean to any specific person, but they say he did do things that made people feel uncomfortable.

"Because of stuff like hailing Hitler before a presentation or the Pledge of Allegiance or openly talking about sketchy stuff which was kind of alarming that teachers would have to talk to him and tell him that wasn't appropriate," one of the former classmates said.

Residents we spoke to also say the whole thing is scary.

"I think it's a sad day that you sent your kids to school and you don't know if they're coming home or not, and you're afraid they're going to be shot at school," said Effingham County resident, Joyce Wasworth.

Wasworth has lived in Effingham County for 70 years. She grew up in Effingham County Schools.

"When I was in school, we went on the playground by ourselves and the teachers stayed in class. Nobody hurt each other unless it was an accident," she said.

She says schools today are different.

"It's sad for Americans because it's like our kids are in jail and it's like they'd be safer in jail than in school."

Wasworth says people have to be alert everywhere they go.

"Even at home, you can't take your eyes off your children because you're afraid someone is going to pick them up or hurt them."

She says she has family in the school system, including her grandchildren.

"And my niece teaches at one of the schools and they're having to take classes on how to protect their kids."

We're learning that school officials possibly knew about Tyson's threat for months. Wasworth says it should have been investigated sooner.

"I think it's anytime there's a threat, it should be checked out immediately, even if it was a hoax you never know."

Tyson was denied bond in court on Friday. His case goes before a superior court judge at a later date that has not been set.

We've reached out to the Effingham County Sheriff's Office for comment, but we have not heard back.

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