Youth service day benefits Coastal Pet Rescue

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Dozens of volunteers spent Saturday morning helping clean Coastal Pet Rescue's Camp Pawsawhile.

Director and founder Lisa Scarbrough said many groups ask to volunteer regularly, so she decided to organize one youth volunteer day.

"This is huge for us," she said. "Our volunteers who are here on a daily basis are so busy doing the animal care. We're busy doing the intakes. We're busy doing the adoptions, so all of these other projects kind of get held to the side until we have the time, the hours to do it, which we really don't ever. So without these youth volunteers, these project wouldn't be getting done."

Boy Scout troops and sororities spread gravel to improve drainage, organized pet crates that are used during hurricane evacuations and worked in the office. Joshua Rodriguez is a sixth-grade volunteer from Boy Scout Troop 30 who volunteered Saturday, and he says it is fun to help others.

"This is really fun," he said. "I'd expect it to be boring, but it's actually really fun and puts in a lot of work. They need it, so we do it."

Last year, Scarbrough says Coastal Pet Rescue helped 700 animals, so the more help she can get, the better.

"It wouldn't get done without everybody else helping," she said. "One person can only do so much. You know, I would like to think that I could do a lot more than I can, but as I get older int he years and the longer I've been doing it - this the 15th anniversary for Coastal Pet Rescue - these extra volunteers and these extra hands really make all the difference."

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