International Trade & Convention center hosts Savannah Comic-Con

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah held its first ever Comic-Con on Saturday, allowing fans to come out and talk about their favorite comic books, movies, and television shows, all while interacting with some of the great minds that have created some of their favorite works.

The two-day convention is held at the International Trade and Convention Center on Hutchinson Island and includes special guests such as Jonathan Hickman, Robert Pope, and Aaron Conley.

"It's important to let fans be fans," said organizer Mike Federali. "It's important to put all the fans in one place and let them all has it out and, you know, we can fight about I love Batman, I love Spiderman, I love X-man."

Savannah Comic-Con continues on Sunday. Tickets are $15, with doors opening at 11 AM.

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