Jeff Davis County School System addresses threats

JEFF DAVIS CO., GA (WTOC) - The Jeff Davis County School System says it's getting a lot of phone calls from parents concerned about school safety.

The school system said in a Facebook post that there have been two threats reported. Both were investigated and addressed in a very serious manner. They say there have also been many false rumors.

School officials have been in meetings with local law enforcement and officials from Homeland Security. They say they've already put several additional safety measures in place and more are coming.

"None of it is real. We understand you're concerned and we've told you guys to make sure that if you suspect or hear or see something to let us know, and many of you have done that and we're thankful," said teacher, Doug Alexander, Jeff Davis Middle School. "We want you to continue to do that and we want you to continue to tell us, 'hey, this happened or this was said or that was said,' and let us do the investigating."

Parents are urged to talk to their children about the seriousness of making any threats and encourage them to notify teachers and administrators of anything they hear about possible safety threats.

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