Residents near Ebenezer Creek react to recent sewage spill

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The city of Springfield is cleaning up after a major wastewater spill in Effingham County last Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Officials say it happened at the Shadowbrook lift station near Ebenezer Creek but did not affect the creek itself.

It took the city four days to post notices about the spill, and residents say they wish they could have been informed sooner.

Frances Grant has lived near Ebenezer Creek for over 30 years.

"A lot of people come down here for boating and fishing. A lot of kids come down here to swim because they love it down here," Grant said.

Grant says she was unaware of the spill.

"And that worries me because I have a little grandson who comes down here and my granddaughter who comes down here and swims," Grant said.

Other residents say they depend on Ebenezer Creek for food because the creek has a lot of catfish.

According to the city, the creek was tested in several categories: fecal, pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen. City officials say all of the results have returned normal.

The city says it posted public notices on Friday, Feb. 23, four days after the incident was reported to the Georgia Environmental Protection Agency was notified of the spill.

Residents, like Grant, say they wish the city would have posted the concern earlier and added the notices to other access points.

"I think they should have told them the next day. When they found out, they should have got on the news and told them," Grant said.

City officials sent this statement regarding the spill:

The health of Ebenezer Creek is one of the City's utmost concern and the City will remain diligent in its efforts to protect this important natural resource and provide the public with the most up to date information available. The City will continue to monitor the stream through additional testing indefinitely and will take any steps necessary to protect the environment, and specifially Ebenezer Creek. - Brett Bennett - City Manager for the City of Springfield

The city says they hope to not have the same issue again. Repair work on the system should be completed by the end of this week.

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