Celebrating Black History: Hallelujah Singers

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You are about to have something in common

with the Queen of England, Academy Award winner Tom Hanks, and the United States Congress. As we celebrate black history, sit back, relax and enjoy the world -reknowned Hallelujah Singers! Even

outside on a windy day in Mitchellville, SC , the first settlement in America that was governed by freed slaves, there was no denying the unique sound of the


Singers. They

are a world-renowned a cappella spiritual and blues singing ensemble.

Founded out of desperation in 1991, Dr. Marlena Smalls

started the group as she and her mother were trying to save their struggling music school in Beaufort County. "I asked the parents to join me for a musical called hallelujah Mahalia son didn't even know they could sing we did a Mahalia Jackson show . It was

well received by everybody in Beaufort," explained Dr. Marlena Smalls, the founder of The Hallelujah Singers. 

The rest is history. To this day their rich voices are inspiring and entertaining audiences around the world from the Lowcountry to Carnegie Hall to England to Germany and all points in between. 

These ladies stay true to their mission to preserve West African heritage which shaped today's gullah culture. Smalls loves to tell the story of how this music was a source of strength for enslaved Africans in America. "The only way they could have conversations

was with music and as God would have it that is a gift that God created . man cannot create 

The human voice. Through that communication, we were able to talk to one another. We were able to talk problems over and talk about freedom even talk about the massuh during the early songs. Music was the first voice for Africans who were enslaved in

America," added Smalls. And nearly 30 years later, their voice lives on through the Hallelujah Singers. 

You can learn more about the Hallelujah Singers as well as historic Mitchelville,SC. here 

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