Threats to Richmond Hill, Jeff Davis County schools being investigated

Screenshot of the threat, sent to WTOC by a parent of an RHHS student.
Screenshot of the threat, sent to WTOC by a parent of an RHHS student.

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - Officials with the Bryan County School System say a threat was found on a bathroom stall Monday afternoon and the Richmond Hill Police Department is stepping in to provide extra security measures.

Social media is where a lot of the action started and continues to rise. The threat that was made started circulating on Snapchat. Parents tell WTOC their children said it was written on the bathroom stall at Richmond Hill High.

One parent sent us a screenshot of the alleged threat. It reads:

I'm done don't come to school the 28th or they'll be consequences I warned you.

The date on the alleged threat is this Wednesday, so school officials were quick to start looking into it.

The Richmond Hill Police Department also posted the following message via Facebook regarding the threat.

The Bryan County School District also sent out a statement saying, "A picture of a threatening statement written on a bathroom stall found late yesterday afternoon at RHHS is now circulating on social media. School officials are aware of the threat. Please know any threat directed at our students, staff or school will not be tolerated."

"It seems like everyone is on edge. We don't want to take any chances of anything happening at any of our schools. We want to keep our children safe," said Lt. Brad Sykes, Richmond Hill Police Department.

Meanwhile, the Jeff Davis County School System says it's getting a lot of phone calls from parents who are concerned about school safety.

The school system said in a Facebook post that there have been two threats reported. Both were investigated and addressed in a very serious manner. They say there have been many false rumors as well.

School officials have been in meetings with local law enforcement and officials from Homeland Security. They say they have already put several additional security measures in place and more are coming.

The following message is from Jeff Davis County Schools:

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