Crossover Day brings last chance at legislation for several bills in Ga

ATLANTA (WTOC) - As state lawmakers continue the General Assembly, Wednesday is a very important day for several bills that have yet to crossover, giving them a last chance at becoming law.

On a local level, our state delegation leaders have been heavily focusing on renaming the Talmadge Bridge. Talks to rename the bridge came back into play in August. By September, city council passed a resolution with plenty of support to change the name of the Talmadge Bridge.

The Girl Scouts of America are pushing to rename the bridge in honor of their founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Low has been referred to as a bridge builder, inspiring girls to reach their full potential.

A name change for the bridge has been a topic of discussion since 1991. Eugene Talmadge, whom the bridge is named after, was publicly known for his racists and segregationist's views.

In the General Assembly, this bill is known as House Resolution 1054. From our area, Rep. Ron Stephens and Rep. Carl Gilliard are sponsoring this bill.

On a state level, there are some hot button issues looking to get through, including a gun control law that would end a state requirement for the GBI to purge records of those unwillingly committed for mental health treatment after five years.

There's also a medical marijuana bill on the table to allow patients to use marijuana for intractable pain.

Governor Nathan Deal says he is still hesitant on any bill that opens up production and distribution of marijuana. His reasoning is that it's still illegal on the federal level. He says the pressure should be on the federal government to open up marijuana's uses - not states trying to go around federal laws.

Governor Deal says his office is in support of legislation for medical marijuana, not any bill allowing it's growth.

Other state bills awaiting approval are confiscated weapons, hands free driving, and offshore drilling opposition.

Crossover Day is the last day for legislation to move from the House or Senate where it was introduced to the other chamber for consideration.

Stay with WTOC for the latest developments during Crossover Day at the State Capitol.

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