Will Smith to Georgia: 'Y'all got to do something about these bugs'

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Actor Will Smith, who is filming Gemini Man in the Savannah area, says he thinks Georgia is "gorgeous," but there's one (literally) small problem.

"I love Georgia, but y'all got to do something about these bugs," he said in a video posted to Facebook Tuesday.

While wearing a net mask, Smith laments in the video that bug spray has proved ineffective.

"I make my living with my face," he said. "So somebody do something about it quick."

Smith has been filming in the Savannah area for a couple of weeks. He's been spotted taking photos and shooting videos with fans, as well as helping a Hilton Head Island teenager score a prom date:

Local Savannahians are accustomed to the coastal area's prodigious gnat population. Smith, however, was born and raised in West Philadelphia, so he may not be accustomed with the pests.

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