Gun confiscated from student at Hubert Middle School; school was placed on lockdown

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Hubert Middle School was placed on lockdown Thursday morning after staff became aware of a weapon brought to school by a student.

According to Savannah-Chatham County Public School System officials, a student had a gun. The gun was located and confiscated.

Below is a copy of the alert message sent to parents:

Hello Parents, this message is to notify you of an incident that happened at Hubert Middle School this morning.  Today, school staff became aware of a weapon that was brought to school by one of our students.  The weapon was immediately located and confiscated.  School lockdown protocols were implemented while the campus was thoroughly searched. No other weapons were located and the campus is safe and secure.  Please know that our school is no place for weapons.  We'd like to remind you to refer to your Student Code of Conduct, Rule 10 regarding weapons at school and we appreciate your support in helping our students understand the importance of our established standards of behavior so we can maintain our safe, caring school campus.   We appreciate your support of our school as we take measures to ensure the safety of your children.  It is always our top priority.

"It isn't a joking matter. No one takes it as a joke at any time, and certainly not following an incident like we saw in Florida a couple of weeks ago. It is taken very seriously and it is such a serious offense that it could result in being expelled from school," said Sheila Blanco, SCCPSS Public Information Officer.

Officials say they are taking all of the threats seriously.

"They immediately began responding to that and investigating that, and in addition, we work with law enforcement agencies and all of our municipalities that assist us in tracking down the source of a threat and determining whether or not it's credible. None have been found to be credible, but they all have to be taken seriously," Blanco said.

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