One Love Animal Rescue finishes 2017 strong

One Love Animal Rescue finishes 2017 strong

We know, we know, we talked your ears off about our transports all year and now you are thinking, so how did it go?? Well, it was AMAZING! 618 animals made their way north in 2017 to some of our rescue partners who gave them a shot at the life they deserve (and we are extremely happy to report we are already getting happy tails adoption updates from many of these pups)!

In addition to the over 100 animals in One Love's care at all times, we know we must help more to battle the high euthanization rates in our local animal control facilities.  Until better laws and legislation are put into place, we have joined forces with many to transport these cats and dogs out of our communities to areas in the North and Midwest where laws are stronger and overpopulation is not an issue.  It is hard to believe that shelters can be empty and rescue need animals, but this is the case for many of our rescue partners.

There are so many people to thank for making this possible that we might run out of space. From going into the various shelters to take pictures and network the pooches, to keeping them walked and entertained at Shady Pines Boarding Facility where they awaited their two-week quarantine period, to that long, long freedom drive and everything in between, we truly cannot say thank our volunteers enough.

As we all say, it takes a village and we wouldn't trade our village for anything!  We have built a wonderful family and we all jump in and help these animals in need anyway we can.  No one can do this alone and we are happy to have so many people in our community working endlessly to help fight the horrible pet overpopulation in our community!  We are grateful for all the dedicated rescue network partners who have joined us to intake these precious lives.

Transports are costly and exhausting for us but a 100% gain for the animals getting their second chances, so we will keep working.  Each transport costs us roughly $800-$1000 so we are continuously doing fundraisers to continue our efforts. Please consider donating at:

Our goal in 2018 is to purchase a transport vehicle to save money and to use in times of emergencies, evacuating and assisting others in need.

Here's to saving more lives in 2018.  Join Us.

About ONE LOVE ANIMAL RESCUE (OLAR): One Love Animal Rescue, Inc. of Savannah, GA is a non-profit organization and all donations directly benefit the animals entrusted in OLAR's care.

OLAR helps abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted pets in the Greater Savannah, GA area by partnering with shelters, rescue groups and the community to facilitate adoption of these animals into permanent and loving homes.