Pooler sees economic impact from St. Patrick's Day preparations

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - The Pooler Chamber of Commerce and other organizations want the community to arrive alive for St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

While preparations are underway, cities that surround Savannah are also seeing an economic impact.

The mayor of Pooler says people come to their area and spend money eating, lodging, and on other miscellaneous things. He says it's good for the entire area.

There are months of planning and money that goes into the entire celebration. The Pooler Chamber of Commerce is selling VIP passes for shuttles and parking for the downtown area of Savannah and this, in turn, benefits them.

"We have bills to pay too for advertising and Kelly Tours gets part of this but for the most part. That money stays with the chamber and allows us to continue to do this event and make it bigger and better every year," said Pam Southard of the Pooler Chamber of Commerce.

She says they plan to make each year bigger and better.

"We do benefit from it. Some people will go just for the parade in the mornings and they'll be there for a little while and they'll catch the bus back and then they'll say, 'you know, let's go get something to eat," Mayor Lamb said.

The mayor says he thinks this economic boost will continue because people parking and taking shuttles from Pooler to St. Patrick's Day activities have been so popular in the past. He says all of the new hotels that have been built in the city of Pooler will get a chance to have a boost because most of the hotels around the Savannah area are already sold out, so people will flock to other areas like Pooler, Richmond Hill, or even Port Wentworth.

"It's great for the restaurants, and Molly McPherson's definitely benefits from it because it's right there. They let the people off right there," he said.

Those VIP passes will be on sale up until the big weekend.

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