Walking School Bus offers safe zone for Juliette Low Elementary students

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - School leaders and local law enforcement are addressing an area pegged by parents as being unsafe for their children to walk to and from school.

It's an area considered a back alley by Juliette Low parents, who in 2015, complained that the walkway behind the school was a potentially dangerous area for sexual predators, drugs and alcohol.

After years of complaints, the Savannah-Chatham County Public School Board finally put together a plan to keep students safe. Just last week, the issue was resolved and an area for those students to walk to school safely was opened. The project completion comes at the perfect time, as campus police are now releasing designated routes they say students should travel along to keep themselves safe.

"The Walking School Bus is an initiative that we use along with the Safe Routes Zone to School. We initially established through Safe Routes what's the safest way for a student to travel to and from school," said Sgt. Delvin Guiford, SCCPSS Police Department.

On Monday, Georgia Safe Routes to School will accompany students in the Juliette Low Elementary neighborhood as they walk to and from school. The idea is to encourage students who walk to school to use designated routes and travel together. The "walking" also encourages students to stay healthy.

Parents are being asked to encourage their children to use the routes at the specific times. Campus Police's McGruff the Crime Dog, along with Chief Terry Enoch will also be on hand to promote the usage of Safe Routes.

The planned routes/times are as follows:

Route A

  • 8:15- Skidaway /Walz Dr.
  • 8:20- Toussaint/Walz Dr.
  • 8:22- Walz Circle/ Walz Dr.
  • 8:30- Arrive at Low

Route B

  • 8:15- 62nd / Mason
  • 8:17- Armstrong / Mason
  • 8:20- Daffin Dr. / Mason
  • 8:24- Lorraine / Mason
  • 8:26- Shirley / Mason
  • 8:30- Arrive at Low

Route C

  • 8:15- 62nd / Springhill
  • 8:17- 63rd / Springhill
  • 8:20- 64th / Springhill
  • 8:24- 65th / Springhill
  • 8:30- Arrive at Low

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