Consider This: 3/5/18

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Georgia leaders have worked to make the state one of the best in the country to do business with.

However, Georgia could quickly lose that reputation if lawmakers under the Gold Dome continue to let partisan politics interfere with industry.

Last week, the Republican-led State Senate, under the direction of Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, voted to cut tax breaks to Delta Airlines over the carrier's decision to cut ties with the NRA. Delta, our state's largest employer, is now being courted by other states like New York and Virginia to bring it's 33,000 jobs and hundreds of millions in tax revenues their way.

There are also concerns that last week's vote and stance could also hurt Georgia's chances of attracting Amazon from opening a second headquarters here.

While these lawmakers say they are standing up for conservative values, they're also playing a game of political roulette that could cost thousands of jobs and billions in revenue along the way.

Consider this: Delta has a right to sever ties with the NRA - a move they say they made to remain neutral in the current gun control conversation. We, as consumers, have a right to boycott companies whose values are not in line with our own, but to have our state leaders, including Cagle who aspires to be our next governor, to employ political extortion at the expense of our economy is just bad business.

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