Cockspur Island Bridge now open

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Officials will cut the ribbon on the Cockspur Island Bridge on Tuesday, March 6. The bridge not only gives visitors an easier way to access Fort Pulaski, but it's also expected to help with traffic along Highway 80.

With Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner, the ribbon cutting comes just in time as many visitors plan to make a stop at the fort which can cause a traffic issue along Highway 80.

The bridge onto Cockspur Island was decades old and in need of some serious upgrades.

"We're replacing the old Cockspur Island Bridge which was built in 1938. So, it's nearly 80 years old. As you can imagine, it's seen its fair share of storms and visitors, and just the upkeep and maintenance required, and the amount of money going into the bridge, it was just time for a new one," said Joel Cadoff, Fort Pulaski National Monument. "For us, I mean it's the way to get out to Fort Pulaski and there's just so much that goes into this new bridge, that's going to be good for the park. Not only will it be a modern bridge, but we'll have space not only for vehicles and for people to walk and to bike across the bridge as well."

With the needed maintenance to the bridge came some delays in getting it repaired. Weather played a major factor, pushing the ribbon cutting date back.

"It's been hard because we've been effectively a construction zone at out entrance for over a year now. Unfortunately, there have been delays because we've had two hurricanes and a tornado affect the park," Cadoff said.

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