Good News: March for Meals

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Senior Citizens Inc. in Savannah has been delivering Meals on Wheels for nearly 60 years, and now provides 1,800 lunches daily to people who can't get out.

Some of those deliveries stand out from the others, like when the mayor of Savannah makes it. Mayor Eddie DeLoach helped kick off the local March of Meals Campaign for the Senior Citizens Inc. Meals on Wheels Program, delivering meals to folks who might not otherwise have enough to eat, and raising awareness to the need for more meals for more people. It's a program he has been involved with for more than two decades.

"My Mom got involved with them in Garden City and kept talking about it, and low and behold, I become mayor and they asked me if I would be interested in doing that and I said 'heck yeah, that would be great," Mayor DeLoach said.

The mayor delivered meals in a new vehicle provided to the program by Subaru. Subaru made another donation as well.

"Because he's here and he's kicking off our March for Meals, we'll receive a $1,000 grant that would allow us to feed someone for a year," said Patti Lyons, President, Senior Citizens, Inc.

The mayor stopped at the home of Setirha Thomas, whose situation mirrors that of many Meals on Wheels clients.

"Because of my health problem, I would have to rely on using the microwave all the time. Sometimes I shake and it's a health hazard. It's a concern of my doctor, too, to have me over a hot stove, so it's truly a blessing," she said.

One that the mayor supports in theory and in person.

"We do a lot of things at City Hall, but some of these things that touch home mean more than anything else and this is one of those examples," Mayor DeLoach said. "It's a sense of gratification on my part. I know they think it's great for them, but it means more to me than it does for them."

Tuesday's delivery also meant something special to Meals on Wheels clients.

"And mayor, you keep up the good work," Ms. Setirha said.

Mayor DeLoach is a former member of the Senior Citizens Inc. Board of Directors. He started working with the program in 1996.

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