City of Savannah still battling malware computer issues

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The city of Savannah is still battling a malware attack that has affected city services for nearly a month.

City leaders say the virus was likely caused by an email phishing scheme. They say they've removed it from more than 80 percent of the city's computers, but it is still affecting many public services.

Traffic court had been canceled again for the week. The city hopes to have all Recorder's Court computers fixed by Wednesday, but there's no word on the status of traffic court for next week.

The city is also restricting email attachments, mostly PDF files, from outside sources to city staff. They say this will prevent additional viruses from affecting the city's network until the new anti-virus and intrusion protection software is installed. The city's purchasing department is still down electronically and is only allowing manual submissions at their office on Chatham Parkway.

The 311 call line is still open, but due to limited computer availability, those requests are delayed right now.

"IT, when they saw this malware, said 'hang on, stop. We have to eliminate this from every computer," said Michelle Gavin, City of Savannah. "That means that they actually had to go out and physically touch over 2,000 city of Savannah computers, wipe them, and then we have purchased new anti-virus software and intrusion protection software to try to keep this from happening again."

The city is currently working on the remaining infected computers and installing new anti-virus software. There is no timeline for when they hope to have this complete.

"To date, we have not found any evidence that any city data has been compromised; no one's personal information, none of our citizens' account information or payment information. At this time, we have no evidence that any data has been compromised or deleted," Gavin said.

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