Multiple transportation options available for Savannah's St. Patrick's Day Festival

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The hundreds of thousands of visitors expected to pour into Savannah for the St. Patrick's Day Festival and Parade will have a number of options that will allow for someone else to do the driving.

Instead of pining for a parking spot on the street or in garages, shuttle services, public buses and private companies like ride shares and cabs will be at your service.

The city's director of mobility says if you don't have to drive yourself into town during the Saint Patrick's Day Festival weekend, take advantage of all the options - like shuttles and ride shares.

Parking spots downtown inevitably become a hot commodity, and if you haven't reserved a spot in one of the city's garages, you might be hard-pressed to find one - especially Friday and Saturday during this year's festival. Helping supplement the city's transportation offerings will be private taxi and rideshare drivers. The city has designated two spots east and west of downtown - where anyone looking to take advantage of rideshares like Uber and Lyft - can do so.

"In those areas, there will be ride share personnel, there will be police on hand, and there'll be our staff," said Sean Brandon, Director of Mobility and Community Connections.

Brandon says he thinks with all of the available transportation options between the public and private sector, they'll be able to handle the large crowds.
With big events sometimes come bigger prices if you do go the car-for-hire route. We spoke to a rep for the Savannah Taxi Owners Association about that possibility.

"The taxi owners try not to take advantage of big events. Generally, their pricing is pretty level throughout the year, but admittedly, on a big holiday like Saint Patrick's Day, a lot of taxi companies will add an additional surcharge because there's such high demand, but it's nothing compared to the rideshare companies that will increase a fare by four or five times with very little or no warning to the consumer," Brandon said. "I think the concentration of people will be Friday and Saturday. We'll certainly have some people Thursday, we will certainly have some people Sunday, but the parade being on Saturday, and Friday simply being a Friday during what we would consider to be peak season, those are going to be the two most active days by far."

If you do want to check in on the real-time costs of ride share transportation, here are a few sites that allow you to compare fares.

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