Statesboro Police Department puts substation behind Paulson Stadium

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - Statesboro Police have a new substation right next to the Georgia Southern campus.

It will give neighbors more access to law enforcement and maybe more security.

Students we spoke to Wednesday say they like the idea, in hopes that it helps cut down on crime. The chief says it will also serve as a way to help neighbors see police as members of the community.

Some students say the view along Chandler Road changes after dark. They say they don't feel comfortable walking there at night.

"It's become an issue," said GSU student, Chris Cross. "You have these three apartment complexes that make the Bermuda Triangle of Trouble."

That could change with this new substation.

"We're able to do anything here that you can get at the front desk of the police headquarters," said Statesboro Police Chief, Mike Broadhead. "We can get people police reports; victims or witnesses can meet with officers here to make statements. It just made sense to be in this neighborhood so that people who are on foot or on bicycles can have easy access instead of trying to come to the west side of town."

The chief hopes the presence in the area helps people get in touch with police to report anything they see and feel safer where they live.

"We just want to assure people that we're going to be here permanently. We're not going anywhere," Chief Broadhead said.

Chris and others are glad to see it.

"More cars...more patrols. People that are out there to do harm will be thinking, 'they could pull up in 30 seconds; they could pull up in 15 seconds; all they have to do is run across the streets,' Cross said.

The chief says they're open during daytime business hours now, but adds they have some additional personnel and can flex the schedules. It could soon be open later in the evening as well.

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