New Computers for SSU Scholars

Kenneth Williams shows off his new laptop.
Kenneth Williams shows off his new laptop.

You know you have to have the right tool to get the job done. And for students these days, computers are a pretty important tool. That's why Savannah State University is rewarding some outstanding freshmen, as about 40 students were given a high-tech start to their college careers.

It was a special day for these scholarship recipients, lining up for their new computers.

"I can tell you this is the latest and best stuff," SSU president Dr. Carlton Brown told them. "Cause every year one of the things I complain about is I'm giving students laptops that are better than mine."

They're part of a program called MAGEC-STEM, which stands for Minority Access to Graduate Education and Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

"The MAGEC-STEM scholars are part of a $2.5 million grant that Savannah State received about two years ago to get more students involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics," said Dr. Joseph Silver, the vice president of academic affairs.

The laptop computers are brand new, with built-in wireless technology. SSU tells us students can log on anywhere on campus.

"I can sit right in this building here and do anything that I can do in my office," said Dr. Silver. "The students now have have that same capability."

"It's something I need," said student Kanesha Gray, explaining that the on-campus computers are often not available.

Students were reminded that the university will support them, but that great things are expected in return. Freshman Kenneth Williams says the talk, and the gesture, inspired him.

"Most definitely, it did, because it helps to reassure that nothing in life is just going to be handed to you," he said. "You have to put forth the work. And if you work hard, you will be rewarded for it in the end."

And he's got the tools to help with that hard work.

Four recipients of Savannah State's Presidential Scholarship also got new computers. All the students get to keep them as long as they're at SSU with a GPA of at least 3.6. The university also expects them to demonstrate leadership and ethics. In return, SSU promises there will be more rewards for excellence throughout their academic careers.

Reported by: Charles Gray,