Good News: Grandparents Day at Pinewood Christian

BELLVILLE, GA (WTOC) - It was an unusual scene Friday in Pinewood Christian Academy's gym.

Instead of players, coaches, and fans, it was grandparents.

"It's just a really special day. Heritage is what we are about, and honoring our grandparents is really special to us," said Headmaster, Clay Hill.

The faculty, and especially the students, have been working since the beginning of the school year to make the 8th Annual Grandparents Day the best one yet. The big day began with singing in the gym for the grandparents to enjoy. After the program, the grandparents got to visit the students in their classrooms and view the artwork they've worked so hard on.

Mondie Gagliardo, Pinewood's art teacher, has spent the year teaching students about different artists and different art media. She says it's rewarding for the children to learn about art while creating their own.

"They have worked so hard," Gagliardo said. "They actually fight over which grandparent they are going to give it to."

Alumni of the school say honoring grandparents is so special because it's like coming back home.

"It's so exciting seeing all the grandparents, and seeing the kids perform just brings tears to my eyes," said faculty member and grandparent, Becky Dasher. "Because Pinewood is like home to me. It's where I graduated, where my kids graduated. My grandkids are here now, and so this is like my second home and I just love seeing these kids perform today and their artwork."

Dasher's grandson says it makes him feel like his hard work has paid off.

"It makes me feel really good," said student, CJ Strickland, because you know, when they are looking at it, it makes me feel really appreciated because of how they always like the art."

That appreciation was shown Friday as each grandparent's face lit up while spending time with their grandchildren.

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