Guyton roundabout circles concerns over traffic safety

GUYTON, GA (WTOC) - Workers funded by Georgia Department of Transportation are working to turn a four-way stop into a brand new roundabout.

The construction has impacted local travel for six months. Workers say they expect the project. Some residents say it's encouraging drivers to cut through other parking lots to get around this traffic.

"What do I want to see? I want to see some patrol officers up here," Guyton resident Danny Sutton said.

Sutton is upset with this construction. He tells WTOC his grandson was almost run over in the IGA grocery store parking lot because drivers are using it as a shortcut to miss the construction traffic at the four-way stop.

"People coming in and out of here at 1-19, flying cut in through here," Danny Baker, another Guyton resident, agreed. "Yes, I can see how that absolutely poses a threat and potential danger actually."

In other states like Mississippi and Florida, cutting through private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal is illegal. Here in Georgia, there is no specific law. A construction worker on the project, Derrick Chambers, said the final product will be worth the trouble.

"People don't like it right now because we are all in the way," Chambers said. "I know the man here at IGA doesn't like it, but when we get through he's going to love it."

Instead, Georgia police include this offense with disobeying a traffic signal. The ticket can run anywhere from $50-150. Sutton says no one has been out patrolling this problem.

"I can't get any cooperation out of city hall or the mayor's office," Sutton said. "Nobody wants to do anything. Nobody wants to talk to you about it. They told me I had to go to Atlanta to the GDOT office and we need something done."

WTOC has reached out to the city of Guyton and Guyton Police Department for over two weeks. They responded that they are monitoring the situation.

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