Savannah Police discuss more enforcements for St. Patrick's Day

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah Police say they'll be looking for those overdrinking and littering this St. Patrick's Day, especially in Chippewa Square.

Savannah resident Amanda Calamari says it wouldn't be the annual holiday without a stop in Chippewa Square.

"It's pretty much like a big reunion to see everyone from high school and middle school, so it's a lot of fun, but there are tons of people," Calamari said.

Savannah Police Sgt. Shinita Young says it's also where a lot of underage drinking takes place.

"This is something we're going to focus on and we're going to be in this area," Sgt. Young said.

The police department wouldn't say how many officers would be in the square, but they will be checking for those who are underage.

Savannah Police says 13 underage drinking arrests were made in Chippewa Square within the last two years.

For those planning on using a fake I.D., Savannah Police say those people may want to think again, and for those over the age of 21, Sgt. Young says people need to be mindful of moderation.

"We're doing citations and it will be addressed. It wouldn't be just a 'pour the drink out and walk away.' We will handle that," Sgt. Young said.

Officers will also be looking out for businesses who are overserving - and - for litterbugs.

The City of Savannah says crews work hard to keep the historic squares beautiful, but they've had issues in the past with those who watch the parade, especially in Chippewa Square.

The city says people left tons of trash in the square last year. They're asking people to pick up after themselves this year.

Officers will ask people to pick up their litter. There will also be trash cans and recycle bins located throughout the festival zones.

Calamari would like to see a safer and cleaner St. Patrick's Day this year, but says she can only be responsible for her own actions.

"Correct. I will make sure I stay in line this St. Patrick's Day," Calamari said. "Obviously, being from Savannah, I would love for St. Patrick's Day to be safer with less drinking and crime, but I guess you can't dictate that."

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