Sources: Vice President Pence could announce a trip to Savannah for St. Patrick's parade

Sources: Vice President Pence could announce a trip to Savannah for St. Patrick's parade
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Sources not wanting to be identified - but who have knowledge of the planning - have confirmed that U.S. Secret Service reps are in town and meeting with area law enforcement to work out security details ahead of Vice President Pence's visit.

What does a likely Vice Presidential visit mean for parade-goers and downtown businesses? We're waiting to hear from the city's communications office about any potential security adjustments along the parade route. A representative with Savannah Police says the city is scheduling several St. Patrick's Day Festival and Parade news conferences, so we'll hopefully get some answers them.

One business we know for sure that has already been approached by a security team is the Savannah Clothing Company at the corner of Bull and Bay streets. Their manager says they've been told to close their doors 45 minutes to an hour during the parade - a measure they hope doesn't have too much of a negative impact on sales during an important day.

"It's definitely our biggest weekend of the year. We double our profits than we do on a normal day on Saint Patrick's Day," Sydney White, Assistant Manager of Savannah Clothing Company, said.

The timing of the required closure might not hurt them too badly, White said, because they typically see their largest profits just before and immediately following the parade.

"It gets chilly in the morning, so we start making money really, really early, so it's definitely important, and the whole time we get to watch, so that's cool too," she said.

We asked White if she thinks a visit from Vice President Pence could help draw a better crowd for business.

"There also could be that aspect of people wanting to see him, actually knowing that he's here," she said. "But I would be worried that, if he's going to come in that would be cool, but he's going to be out there, then more people would probably be geared toward that direction. Want to be around him rather than be in the shops, and participate in the event."

Vice President Pence is expected to make an announcement early this week about attending the parade.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you the updates as we get them.

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