Don't test your luck: St. Patrick's DUI crackdown

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - You booze. You cruise. You lose.

DUI checkpoints will be in full swing as folks are biting at the bit to raise a glass and cheers to St. Patrick. But, as they kick off their ninth annual Lucky Charms checkpoint operation, Port Wentworth Police are stunned they're still nailing drivers getting hammered.

"It amazes us that everybody knows that we do this, and we still end up getting all the locals that want to drink and drive," said Sgt. Nathan Jentzen of Port Wentworth Police.

To help combat DUI's throughout the weekend, surrounding cities are offering shuttles. The Pooler Chamber of Commerce will provide their shuttle service for the seventh year in a row.

"This is why we provide this service. We're gonna get you to Savannah safely, we're gonna get you back to Pooler safely, but we want to get you home safely," said Pam Southard, the Executive Director of the Pooler Chamber of Commerce.

Law enforcement wants everyone to think again before deciding to get behind the wheel after drinking.

"Get you a DD (designated driver) to get you from that shuttle space to your house. It's still not safe to drive," said Lt. Victor Tyson of Pooler Police.

Law enforcement have watched year after year as drivers get off the shuttles and try to drive the last leg home. They say that is a false sense of confidence, and unnecessary.

"I can honestly say we have never had an issue with a car being towed, vandalized, or leaving them overnight," Southard said. "You know I would much rather - I've had a little too much to drink, I've partied, I've gotten back to Pooler safely, I'm just going to leave my car in the parking lot overnight and pick it up the next morning. And you can do that."

Tyson had a strong message for those unwilling to take his department's advice.

"We'll have a place for you to go, which is the Chatham County Detention Center."

The Pooler Chamber of Commerce says if there is some reason you cannot find a DD or use a ride share service to get  home this weekend, you are welcome to give them a call.

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