5th annual children's art expo held in Bluffton

5th annual children's art expo held in Bluffton
(Source: WTOC)

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Young artists got a chance to show off some of their best art on Sunday at the 5th annual Children's K-5 Art Expo, showcasing some of the work of elementary student in the Bluffton area.

Art teachers in the area were asked to pick 2 art pieces from each grade level that best represented the children's art and art program giving students a chance to show their art off in a professional setting.

"Well, first I just made my picture, then I tried as hard as I could to paint it and to flip it over to print it," said student Alyssa Martin.

"I wanted to make it pretty, so I did cotton candy colors and made a purple background to give it color," said Bridget Linn Nicholson.

The exhibit was open to the public on Saturday and Sunday.