Good News: Bethesda Pavilion opens

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Bethesda Academy has a newly-renovated pavilion for both students and guests.

The academy held the ribbon cutting for the pavilion Monday morning. It will be used for school functions as well as for guests who want to rent the space out for events. A local volunteer group, the Bethesda Barnbuilders, doubled the size of the pavilion and even included a screened-in area.

"It means a great deal to us," said Dr. Michael Hughes, President of Bethesda Academy. "First of all, it provides a place for our boys, our students, our faculty to have a place to get together to do oyster roasts and barbecues, We have a Homecoming pep rally here. It kind of gives us an outside community focus."

The Barnbuilders built the picnic pavilion back in 2000 and have been continuing to expand and improve it since. They've met at Bethesda Academy every Monday since 1998, and work on various projects at the school each Monday.

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