Glynn County Middle School teacher arrested on child pornography charges

GLYNN CO., GA (WTOC) - A teacher at Glynn County Middle School has been arrested for inappropriate contact with current and former students.

Tyler Coen, 23, of Glynn County has been arrested and charged with two counts of computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation and two counts of child molestation.

The charges stem from communications Coen had with two students, 14 and 15 years old, since December 2017.

When the Glynn County School System was made aware of the allegations, Coen was placed on leave. He resigned from the school system on March 15.

Coen was arrested Monday without incident.

Students claim they were shocked at the news.

"I have had conversations with him about what he did during the summer, and I was also in his classroom for that. Like, I had my lesson in his classroom," said 16-year-old Eunice Quartey. "It's literally right there. Glynn Middle is right there. My little brother goes there. Our cousin Luther had his class, so it's just really uncomfortable."

Comfortable is what Glynn County Police said students want to feel, but at this age, they simply are not mature enough to know when the line has been crossed.

"At that age, children are very impressionable and teachers are people they look up to and trust. Things may be going on that they don't realize is wrong," said Glynn County Police Chief of Staff, Brian Scott. "Fourteen and 15-year-olds are not at an age to consent. A school teacher has custody control of these kids. Even if the children were consenting, they can't have this kind of contact with them."

In a release, it is noted that at this point in the investigation, there is no evidence that Coen has had any inappropriate physical contact with children. None of these activities appear to have occurred on school grounds or during school hours. However, Quartey said even she knew texting your teacher is out of line.

"I don't think you should have your teacher's phone number in the first place. You can email them, but phone number? That's kind of weird," she said.

Police recommend parents sit down with their children and talk about boundaries. This was a conversation Quartey's mother already made a priority.

"This is a perfect example. You don't know what this person is, or what they're hiding from you, so you can't trust anybody like that," she said.

This investigation is still ongoing and more charges against Coen could come later. Parents who have a child who is a current or former student of Coen, and feel their child may be a victim are asked to contact Investigator Molly Cruikshank at 912.554.7802.

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