City of Savannah completes electric vehicle pilot program

City of Savannah completes electric vehicle pilot program
(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Saving the city money while reducing its carbon footprint, Savannah just completed a four-week program testing the use of electric vehicles.

With the help of Georgia Power and Nissan, the Savannah Parking and Mobility Services Department was able to test electric loaner vehicles. The department's director tells us not only with the electric vehicles save the city money on fuel and maintenance, the cars are also much quieter.

"So for one thing, it's much quieter, and when we're moving through residential areas, they value the fact it's a quiet vehicle. The employees have said it handles really well. It gets in and out of areas the same way a compact or subcompact does, and just in general, it's a more efficient vehicle," said Sean Brandon, Director, Parking and Mobility Services.

The project is part of the Savannah Forward plan. The goal is to convert 15 percent of the city's fleet to alternate fuels or hybrid technology by 2023.

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