City may consider more enforcements after Chippewa Square incident

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Take a look around downtown Savannah and you may never have known the city just finished hosting its biggest party of the year.

"The City of Savannah takes a lot of pride in the beauty of this city, so as we host St. Patrick's Day, we want to turn it to normal as quickly as possible," Michelle Gavin, Director of Public Communications for the City of Savannah, said.

Once again, Chippewa Square was trashed during Saturday's St. Patrick's Day Parade. The city says it's disappointed, especially after making numerous attempts to ask people to pick up their garbage.

'We were really hoping people would take it upon themselves to clean up after themselves. From what I hear, it's typically a square filled with a lot of local residents, so we're really disappointed Chippewa Square looked the way it did," Gavin said. "We had to close the square around 2 p.m. and ask everyone to leave so we could start that painstaking process of pulling cups out of bushes and wrappers out of flowerbeds and things like that to try to restore the beauty of that square."

Steve and Fran Genet just arrived in town from Ohio.

'I wouldn't know they had a party on Saturday. It's very clean," Steve said.

However, they were shocked to see the pictures of what Chippewa Square looked like on Saturday.

"That people would take a beautiful spot and just desecrate it with their trash, to me, that's unconscionable that people would do it," Fran said.

The city says, next year, they may have to be a little more strict when it comes to celebrating in Chippewa Square.

"That's going to be a conversation we are going to need to have early on about changes we need to make. Maybe it's more enforcement, I don't know at that point," Gavin said.

Those visiting from out of town say Savannah's historic squares are a rare treasure and they hope people will have more respect for them in the future.

"Take a little more pride in what you have, because it's so unique to Savannah. I mean people come from all over the states to see this and I think if people would have seen that they would have been very dismayed," Fran said.

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