Good News: Screven County Senior Walk

(Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC)

SCREVEN CO., GA (WTOC) - High school graduation may still be several weeks away, but one school district used it Wednesday to motivate and inspire students a decade from that milestone.

Screven County High School Seniors posed for cap and gown pictures they will treasure for years to come. Then, they boarded buses and rode to elementary and middle schools to make memories there, too. They walked the halls to celebrate their upcoming graduation. They received applause and high fives from youngsters who are just starting their school journey.

"It's hard to think about it when you're 10 or 12, so, to see us in caps and gowns and see us in the hallways, it helps them to know it really is coming up," said Senior, Ansley Dirst.

For some, it was a reunion with teachers who hadn't seen them since they were in their classes years ago.

"It's just awesome for us to see how far they've come, and that hard work pays off. Our kids can now strive for the same things," said Star Sheppard, 2nd Grade Teacher.

This marks the first year for a Senior Walk in Screven County. Administrators say it helps motivate young students to achieve in the classroom even now, but it also reminds them of positive role models all around them.

"They've seen them play athletics or perform in the band, or seen them around town. These are older brothers and sisters. They're our younger kids' heroes, so this is important at all ages," said Brian Scott, Screven County High School Principal.

For the Seniors, it's also a reminder that the next generation watches them and the life choices they make.

"It makes me feel well, knowing the kids look up to me for something other than sports. Academics is something I take pride in, so it's nice to know they look up to me in some other ways," said Senior, Nicholas Clifton.

They know Wednesday's walk could help guide the steps of the next generation after them.

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