'Operation Snow Plow' leads to largest cocaine seizure by CNT

(L to R: Williams, Griffin) (Source: CNT)
(L to R: Williams, Griffin) (Source: CNT)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team is making history with the largest single amount of cocaine ever seized by the agency.

There were nine men arrested during Operation Snow Plow, and they're sitting behind bars right now. The men are no strangers to the system. They're known as career criminals.

"We knew it was gonna snow in Savannah with some cocaine, so Snow Plow seemed like the appropriate name for this investigation," said Everette Ragan, CNT Director.

The investigation revealed sources of supply were located in Texas and California. Two men here in Savannah were identified as local organization leaders - Herman Williams, who is in custody, and Omar Griffin, better known as 'Fresh,' who is still on the run.

"The night this thing kicked off, one of my agents was in a physical confrontation with Herman, and Omar fled the scene and ran," Ragan said.

Ragan described it as the perfect storm that hit on March 5. Here's how it went down.

Herman Williams and Omar Griffin met with cocaine suppliers. They were seen meeting at different hotels. Multiple people were arrested, including Williams and all the Texas suppliers.

Twenty-five kilograms of cocaine were seized. This is a street value of up to $4 million. Also seized was 40 pounds of marijuana, five ounces of ecstasy, 17 bottles of codeine, or 'lean,' and $427,000.

"We don't normally get a perfect storm like that where we get the dope, the suppliers, the local kingpin, and the money all at one spot or in close proximity at the same time," Ragan said.

He says that's when they decided to make their move and take down the rest.

"This is the largest seizure of cocaine we've ever had, so it makes one heck of a dent," Ragan said.

CNT says this investigation is ongoing and future arrests are expected, but these are drug leaders off of our streets along with a significant amount of drugs.

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