SCCPSS Faculty Day held at Hunter Army Airfield

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In a bit of role reversal, 30 or so teachers and other faculty members with Savannah Chatham County Public Schools followed directions and orders Wednesday instead of giving them.

The group got a taste of the military life at Hunter Army Airfield. Several in the group were veterans themselves, so they knew the drill. For all the others, it was an eye-opening day for sure.

The Army tries to set this up at least once a year, where they invite local teachers and other school faculty members out to experience what it takes to be in the military, and how those attributes carry over into the classroom. It was all about teamwork, encouraging one another, and pushing themselves to the limit over a variety of obstacles.

"Teamwork is so critical, not just in the military, but in life and in school and everything, and one of the things I told the teachers as they were struggling to overcome some of the events and getting assistance from their peers, was to think of it as if there was a student who was having trouble reading or having trouble doing math and they were overcoming that obstacle. The student was saying, 'it's too hard, I can't do it, it's too hard.' Just like some of the teachers were saying, 'this is hard, this is hard.' Well life is hard, and at the end of the day life is a team event," said LTC Kenneth Dwyer, Garrison Commander for Hunter Army Airfield.

When asked what lessons from the experience she would take back to students Michelle Williams said, "The military is an important part of what we have to move our country forward, to make changes happen, through the sacrifices that they make. And then as a school counselor, them making a choice to be a part of our military, how important that would be for them, as a career, a career option."

Williams is a counselor at Windsor Forest High School.

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