New Smashers coach lays out vision

New Smashers coach lays out vision

THUNDERBOLT (WTOC) - Rico Campbell knows he won't have to reinvent the wheel.

The new Johnson head boys' basketball coach is stepping into a situation where things are pretty good. The Atom Smashers are coming off a region title, and despite losing 10 seniors, still have a pair of talented guards in Emondre Bowles and Shamar Jones returning.

Campbell says he's worked with former head coach Utaff Gordon for the past few seasons to be ready for this moment, and is excited to take over a program that isn't in need of a rebuild.

"It's like going into a whole foods. You only have to add one or two little things," Campbell says. "I think right now, we have everything going. We have kids coming back. We won the region championship. I think everything is set in place. We just have to put in the hard work, and do it."

Campbell says he does want to put his own stamp on the Atom Smasher program. They aren't wholesale changes, but small tweaks that will have the team playing more of his style.

"We're going to be fast-paced, energetic. We'll be a pressing team. I know they already press, but we'll probably press even more," he says. "Up and down. Maybe 100 points a game type of deal. That's how I like to play."