Houlihan Bridge closed to maritime traffic until further notice

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - The Georgia Department of Transportation says the Houlihan Bridge in Port Wentworth will be closed to maritime traffic, but open to all vehicular traffic, until further notice.

The bridge was reportedly stuck for a while Thursday morning after opening for maritime traffic. It has since lowered but is in need of repairs before it can be raised again.

GDOT says the bridge is historic, which can cause some issues.

"We have things that are starting to break," said Jill Nagel, GDOT Communications Officer. "One of them, this morning, we opened for a barge to go through, and the break that stabilizes it while it's open wouldn't release. We've got it shut now and we're going to keep it shut until that repair is made."

WTOC will continue to monitor the bridge and let you know as soon as it is back in operation.

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