Someone steals artifact from Crystal Beer Parlor, restaurant wants it returned

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Crystal Beer Parlor is known for its variety of Savannah artifacts hanging throughout the restaurant.

During the recent St. Patrick's Day festivities, the owner says someone stole one of the artifacts off the wall.

Crystal Beer Parlor Owner John Nichols says the item was taken Saturday, but employees didn't realize it was missing until Sunday morning.

The item that was stolen was a letter from the old Desoto Hotel.It dates back to March 17, 1893, and includes a banquet menu.

The owner says this isn't the first time something has been taken off the wall. Several years ago, someone took a picture of Nichol's grandfather but returned it via mail a few weeks later.

The owner says he originally found the letter on eBay for less than $10.

"On the open market, it's not priceless. It's not really valuable, but to us, it's both of those things, and we'd like to have it back," Nichols said.

The owner says he will not press charges. He just wants the item returned so the restaurant can continue preserving the city's rich history.

Anyone with information regarding the stolen letter is asked to call the restaurant at 912.349.1000.

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