Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools holds State of District presentation

Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools holds State of District presentation
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Savannah-Chatham County School System held their State of the District presentation on Thursday to discuss the school's progress.

One of the main things the superintendent wanted to stress during the presentation is that they are progressing since the SACS investigation.

"We will be working together to make sure that our students remain the focus. We will stay focused on the work, and the next time they come to visit, we will be able to report positive findings," said Dr. Ann Levett, Superintendent, SCCPSS.

When we sat down with Superintendent Levett, she was bursting with excitement about the state of Savannah-Chatham County Schools

"We just want to advise the community about how much progress we've made and what we still have yet to do and our plans going forward," Dr. Levett said.

In the presentation, Dr. Levett said they were not where they wanted to be, but the district is implementing new goals to achieve every day, and some they have achieved, some of which included removing schools off the failing schools list and having a graduation rate that is higher than the state average for the past three years.

"We also want to indicate those areas where we will continue to work on, and as you know, we've had schools that have been on the list and not performing well. Some of those schools have made tremendous progress," Dr. Levett said.

Dr. Levett says that after the SACS investigation, they are working hard to retain their accreditation status for their schools

"That is a value for all of us. The Advanced ED report has been issued and we've taken it seriously and we've started putting together our plan for ensuring that we have a positive compliance report by the end of October," she said.

Security has also been a huge topic lately. Dr. Levett touched on that and said they have also been making security enhancements, but all of that can't happen without the dollars.

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